Feb 13, 2017

Jul 20, 2009

in the city

Awakened desire, fire kindled
Want to share this kindred spirit
In shop windows and rearview mirrors
Just, on display

Relax and take your shoes off
Unbutton your shirt
Stop that trembling aura I feel,
There is a soft wind coming
On your chest rising to the open window

There are whispers of delight
Sexual music and healing language
Of bodies in conversation
Of bathroom condensation

Lovers dancing in the night

Apr 1, 2008

I do not speak or make acclaim

Silent, watchful, alone

Laughing yes, smiling yes, water moving yes.

Slowly eroding stone

I do shine forth

Silent, watchful, alone

Submerged in the depths

Darkness is here and not a ripple

Underwater and close to the earth

Resting like a newt, waiting, living

Safe in the shadows

Of the Plant life

I do not project, only introspect

Silent, watchful, alone

Wise with friendly eyes

Without attachment ready to flow past you

And away

Transparent as to leave you with no questions

And pure

Oct 14, 2007

Oct 13, 2007

Hold out and wait for distance to fall short, and you move with time instead of letting it pull you. Wash yourself clean with the salt of the sea, dance with the graceful melody of the wind and let the salt linger on your lips as you wash it away with your tongue. Drown yourself in the sun and warm your naked body in the sand. When the night falls embelish yourself in the moon light, letting the white glow bounce off the purity of your skin. Remember nothing as you lay and stare at the stars that peer back at you like a million cats eyes residing in the heavens. Go away, let your soul fall captive to the mystical song of silence. Feel yourself be seduced by the natural rise and fall of the tide. While destinies child takes you by the hand and leads you into fates ocean let yourself be tossed and turned by the freedom waves. Float by the shores of chance and bounce off the rocks of doubt, never feeling the pain. And in the moons celestrial light, let your body become energy that floats in the wind. You can see the world from the inside out, let yourself be soothed by the numbing chills of the night and be illuminated by life.

by Mad HaTTeR (bluelighter)

Oct 9, 2007

On the floating, shapeless oceans
I did all my best to smile
til your singing eyes and fingers
drew me loving into your eyes

- Song to the siren

Sep 11, 2007

Aug 19, 2007

Aug 17, 2007

Aug 2, 2007

Aug 1, 2007

Into his life came a great force of change through strife. The voices, always the voices disparaging him at every turn. Telling him of failures of sadness gone, of memories buried deep. Once again this man child looked inwards stepping once more onto the familiar path of the warrior. But somehow it was different, his stone mask had cracked letting through the emotions that plague all life. The voices feeling confident in their resolve to punish, used this against him. Taking all that was good and perverting it. Changing his thoughts of love to hate. Making him reflect on the imaginary as if was so real as to force him into slavery. Knowing the secret name of pain he saw this as he used to, as a challenge. Something to overcome.

Source: The Warrior with the Stone Mask by LiquidPhil (bluelighter)

Jul 16, 2007

This life is a changing room, a changing room with a curtain. This life is a distance I seek to overcome, a valley I must cross. Love is a mystery to me, it has no outcome, it has no time span, love is the rain that falls softly on my hard earth, it is like rain that fills the cracks but disappears, and it dries up within hours, I have been so thirsty. I have been looking upwards, waiting for the storm, waiting for the wet season, waiting for my own personal monsoon.

Jul 7, 2007

Jun 21, 2007

sacred blue lotus

May 27, 2007

cosmic dust

All the melodies the musicians gave me and the words of the writers that save me, I am in silence now. I am separated, but the world bears witness to the whole, I am also connected now. We are together in abstraction and this is living. I believe I have found something of every man and every woman; I have captured a piece of every soul like granules of cosmic dust falling in a cathedral. We are not running anymore, we are not traveling really, we are not going deeper underground, we are not exploring space, we are not defining being part of this human race, we are, we just simply are…