Oct 13, 2007

Hold out and wait for distance to fall short, and you move with time instead of letting it pull you. Wash yourself clean with the salt of the sea, dance with the graceful melody of the wind and let the salt linger on your lips as you wash it away with your tongue. Drown yourself in the sun and warm your naked body in the sand. When the night falls embelish yourself in the moon light, letting the white glow bounce off the purity of your skin. Remember nothing as you lay and stare at the stars that peer back at you like a million cats eyes residing in the heavens. Go away, let your soul fall captive to the mystical song of silence. Feel yourself be seduced by the natural rise and fall of the tide. While destinies child takes you by the hand and leads you into fates ocean let yourself be tossed and turned by the freedom waves. Float by the shores of chance and bounce off the rocks of doubt, never feeling the pain. And in the moons celestrial light, let your body become energy that floats in the wind. You can see the world from the inside out, let yourself be soothed by the numbing chills of the night and be illuminated by life.

by Mad HaTTeR (bluelighter)

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